Super Seniors

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Minimum Age: No restriction | Maximum Age: No restriction | Counting Rounds: Best 80% of diffs | Min. number of rounds: 0% of all rounds played | Gender: male
Latest tournament added: Goose Valley Senior Open 2019

PosNameClubYear of BirthStroke Diff.Rounds
1Bertus SmitPinnacle Point Golf Club1953-1,293
2Solly RautenbachMossel Bay Golf Club19574,065
3Colin Short (2)Fancourt Country Club19545,083
4Johnny MillarThe Links Fancourt19565,272
5Hannes MullerGeorge Golf Club19685,421
6Ivan PalframanKnysna Golf Club19515,685
7Peter HodsonGeorge Golf Club19526,284
8J R BooysenGeorge Golf Club19566,381
9Charl MaraisStill Bay Golf Club19557,001
10Johan SmitGeorge Golf Club19587,223
11Anton NelOubaai Golf Club19587,324
12Teddy StoffelsLadismith Golf Club19577,964
13Deon KrugerKingswood Golf Estate19588,234
14Neil AbrahamseGeorge Golf Club19538,842
15Ockie HorowitzOudtshoorn Golf Club19578,914
16Andre du PlessisMossel Bay Golf Club19559,194
17Janus BylesGeorge Golf Club19589,374
18Karools HauptfleischMossel Bay Golf Club19589,775
19Piet PotgieterMossel Bay Golf Club196010,421
20Johan SmutsGeorge Golf Club195310,618
21Paul SumnerOubaai Golf Club195310,722
22L G PetersenGeorge Golf Club195011,604
23EW HartStill Bay Golf Club194012,001
24Francois ThiartGeorge Golf Club195312,653
25Derek TuchtenPretoria Country Club195712,863
26Gordon FlemingScotland 195713,381
26Albert SmithScotland 195513,381
28Cecil BadenhorstLadismith Golf Club195714,381
29Herman PieterseOubaai Golf Club195514,421
30John RossLadismith Golf Club195314,792
31Bennie BongersKingswood Golf Estate195215,292
32Keith SharpeGeorge Golf Club195815,362
33Johan GrieselMossel Bay Golf Club194516,151
34Heinz ChoreKingswood Golf Estate194916,381
34Louis BurgerGoose Valley Golf Club195416,381
36Derek BotesGeorge Golf Club196416,421
37John MasieMossel Bay Golf Club192017,223
38Pieter StassenGeorge Golf Club195517,293
39J J SieberhagenGeorge Golf Club195117,363
40Niel MalanGeorge Golf Club195017,381
41Ernest RhodesMossel Bay Golf Club196717,421
42Joe StoffelsGeorge Golf Club195218,792
43Maurice van MerchGeorge Golf Club195518,863
44Andre GrobbelaarGeorge Golf Club195219,151
45W M LuttigGeorge Golf Club195419,222
46Stephen PowellMossel Bay Golf Club195819,421
47Francois JordaanGeorge Golf Club195420,223
48Manfred PetersKingswood Golf Estate194920,792
49William LevendalBoggomsbaai Golf Club195321,292
50Marius WilkenOudtshoorn Golf Club196421,421
51Andre BarnardFancourt Country Club195622,151
52Clive John TheysMossel Bay Golf Club195223,292
53Chris HeunisOubaai Golf Club000024,151
54Percy McraeGeorge Golf Club195024,792
55Talvin Gregory SchultzMossel Bay Golf Club195525,292
56F J HeymannGeorge Golf Club195025,863
57Johan NeethlingKingswood Golf Estate195226,151
58Robert Keith BerryGeorge Golf Club195428,151
59Frik PotgieterGeorge Golf Club194728,222
60Sarel TheronGeorge Golf Club195229,291
61Hendrik PienaarKingswood Golf Estate195829,792
62William OctoberGeorge Golf Club195133,151
63Michael MurrayKingswood Golf Estate195335,151
64Ice EastonGeorge Golf Club195436,222
65Johann SteenbergGeorge Golf Club194445,792
66Patrick TavenerStill Bay Golf Club195346,151
67Dave GravettStill Bay Golf Club195051,151