u19 Southern Cape Juniors

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Minimum Age: No restriction | Maximum Age: 19 | Counting Rounds: Best 80% of diffs | Min. number of rounds: 30% of all rounds played | Gender: All
Latest tournament added: Southern Cape Closed

PosNameClubYear of BirthStroke Diff.Rounds
1Martin VorsterPinnacle Point Golf Club2002-3,6218
2Jordon DuminyPinnacle Point Golf Club2002-3,4221
3Christo Lamprecht JnrPinnacle Point Golf Club2001-3,2321
4Barend BothaOubaai Golf Club2001-1,5116
5Ben van WykFancourt Country Club2000-1,4124
6Jean Pierre van der WattPinnacle Point Golf Club2000-0,7933
7James MurrayGeorge Golf Club2002-0,2135
8Calvin MaiaKingswood Golf Estate20000,1025
9Liam RossOubaai Golf Club20011,4328
10Damian OsnerSimola Golf & Country Estate20021,6526
11Ivan VersterPinnacle Point Golf Club20031,6741
12Ian PautzPinnacle Point Golf Club20012,9434
13Jay NathwaniKingswood Golf Estate20013,4827
14C.J Van WykFancourt Country Club20024,0622
15Max HansenFancourt Country Club20014,1519
16Franco GerickeKingswood Golf Estate20044,1625
17Ulrich SteinhobelPinnacle Point Golf Club20024,6331
18Joshua B├╝rkiOubaai Golf Club20024,8530
19Dylan MelvilleOubaai Golf Club20045,3225
20Jan HumanAlbertinia Golf Club20035,3728
21Mujahid JacobsPinnacle Point Golf Club20025,9234
22Ian Eugene BarnardGeorge Golf Club20046,2918
23Jaydon LiddelKingswood Golf Estate20036,8823
24Janco BreedtPinnacle Point Golf Club20027,0418
25Joshua Marais (jnr Member)George Golf Club20047,3817
26Tiaan HugoOubaai Golf Club20057,6524
27Agib HughesSchoeman Park Golf Club20057,6719
28Gean LateganMossel Bay Golf Club20047,7322
29Michael NortjeGeorge Golf Club20047,8716
30Tiago SwartKingswood Golf Estate20008,5419
31Kyle ConradieOubaai Golf Club20038,8829
32Juan BarnardGeorge Golf Club20058,9421
33Joshua OsnerSimola Golf & Country Estate200410,6322
34Madit RanaKingswood Golf Estate200210,7127
35Wafeeq Radesh PhilanderGeorge Golf Club200311,0123
36Herschell Ismile HendriksGeorge Golf Club200311,0218
37Liam Kevin QuinnKnysna Golf Club200413,7930
38Daniel HeadOubaai Golf Club200415,4018
39Aayush Hiten NathwaniKingswood Golf Estate200415,6624
40Khanya NhlengethwaKingswood Golf Estate200216,2622
41John Charles StuartGeorge Golf Club200419,6822
42Jacques CronjeOubaai Golf Club200520,5128