2 2019/20 Mid-Am Performance

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Minimum Age: 29 | Maximum Age: No restriction | Counting Rounds: Best 80% of diffs | Min. number of rounds: 20% of all rounds played | Gender: All
Latest tournament added: 2019 Knysna Open

PosNameClubYear of BirthStroke Diff.Rounds
1Ivan WilliamsGeorge Golf Club1973-1,5216
2Anthony ParkerSimola Golf & Country Estate1977-1,056
3Henk GeldenhuysThe Links Fancourt1970-0,4010
4Marlo PienaarGeorge Golf Club19810,1812
5Ian NorgarbGeorge Golf Club19750,738
6Izak Meyer PotgieterGeorge Golf Club19831,0110
7Ivan PalframanKnysna Golf Club19511,444
8Riaan KirstenGeorge Golf Club19711,998
9Nicholas MitchellGeorge Golf Club19822,483
10Lukas SteynPlettenberg Bay Country Club19893,626
11Malcolm MukellyKuils River Golf Club19863,774
12Graham DaubernKingswood Golf Estate19754,9710
13Grant NovemberGeorge Golf Club19795,3410
14William MalgasOudtshoorn Golf Club19756,337
15Simon James MottersheadGoose Valley Golf Club19788,866
16Greg HeuerPinnacle Point Golf Club19738,946
17Johan StraussMossel Bay Golf Club19799,054
18Louis Jnr FourieOudtshoorn Golf Club198012,144
19Joseph BooysenGeorge Golf Club195613,856
20Werner OppermanGeorge Golf Club197914,114
21Jacobus Theodorus BreedtPinnacle Point Golf Club197216,806
22Melvin HaroldAlbertinia Golf Club197124,084