GN Mid Amateur Ranking 2018/9

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Minimum Age: 29 | Maximum Age: No restriction | Counting Rounds: Best 100% of diffs | Min. number of rounds: 0% of all rounds played | Gender: male
Latest tournament added: GNGU Mid Am & Snr Series Rd 5 Centurion CC

PosNameClubYear of BirthStroke Diff.Rounds
1William SkinnerZwartkop Country Club1960-0,461
2Louis MoolmanSilver Lakes Country Club1986-0,4014
3Jacques van TonderWaterkloof Golf Club19880,0414
4Alex van HeerdenWingate Park Country Club19831,0925
5Robin AshbyZwartkop Country Club19631,541
6Gustav VersterIrene Country Club19731,6717
7Johan du ToitPretoria Golf Club19681,771
8Gerhard StrydomWaterkloof Golf Club19611,904
9Louis JonckIrene Country Club19732,0215
10Leonard LoxtonSilver Lakes Country Club19772,243
11Danie ViljoenSilver Lakes Country Club19842,9112
12Menno MalherbeWingate Park Country Club19773,145
13Jauqo JacobsIrene Country Club19723,2015
14Tian van der BergZwartkop Country Club19843,2711
15Martin PieterseSilver Lakes Country Club19753,3512
16Jean-Pierre MeyerWaterkloof Golf Club19773,448
17Richard HeinIrene Country Club19853,541
18Theo Edgar ShermanWaterkloof Golf Club19823,592
19Craig CollinsIrene Country Club19753,613
20Mario OlivierCenturion Country Club19793,671
21Armand van GraanWaterkloof Golf Club19883,8315
22Niel De WetSilver Lakes Country Club19643,852
23Johannes MnyanduPretoria Golf Club19764,1417
24Vernon Le RouxZwartkop Country Club19824,183
25Jacques van SchalkwykWoodhill Country Club19824,2110
26Corne BassonZwartkop Country Club19674,335
27Shaun MulliganIrene Country Club19784,3811
28Braam Jnr SwanepoelIrene Country Club19854,463
29Dennis WilliamsServices Golf Club19864,702
30Nicholas GeertsWingate Park Country Club19854,9317
31Bennie van LoggerenbergIrene Country Club19734,9914
32Pierre SpiesSilver Lakes Country Club19795,0817
33Wessel DuvenhageWaterkloof Golf Club19825,092
34Chris DelportZwartkop Country Club19605,322
35Duncan GibbisonSilver Lakes Country Club19855,392
36Corrie LeonardSilver Lakes Country Club19645,885
37Devon Sean Du ToitZwartkop Country Club19856,092
38Johan Jansen van VuurenCenturion Country Club19726,1114
39Lumar FourieSilver Lakes Country Club19856,111
40Christo BritzPretoria Golf Club19656,152
41Andre du BruynIrene Country Club19756,2315
42Edrich CoetzerCenturion Country Club19786,3311
43Greg HeuerSilver Lakes Country Club19736,438
44Pieter BothaWoodhill Country Club19796,474
45Petrus PieterseServices Golf Club19686,534
46Ernest MotaseWoodhill Country Club19516,541
47Clifton StanleyBlue Valley Golf Estate19696,653
48Jacob Johannes FanoyWaterkloof Golf Club19816,652
49Richard ScheepersPretoria Golf Club19726,813
50Gert van WykWingate Park Country Club19867,0710
51Edwin Stafford - NorthcoteCenturion Country Club19727,092
52Barend Hendrik BotesWingate Park Country Club19647,163
53Jacques ViljoenServices Golf Club19827,224
54Kelso HannayIrene Country Club19797,4716
55Hennie van der WesthuizenWoodhill Country Club19677,502
56William Dudley BerryCenturion Country Club19797,535
57Cristo BosmanCenturion Country Club19777,541
58Craig FrauensteinThe Els Club, Copperleaf19687,943
59Maartin BoshoffWoodhill Country Club19708,038
60Martin KraftWingate Park Country Club19708,078
61Ben GreylingThe Els Club, Copperleaf19768,152
62Trevor TaylorWingate Park Country Club19678,724
63Michael CullenWoodhill Country Club19618,852
63Benjamin RatselaServices Golf Club19618,852
65Pieter GouwsWaterkloof Golf Club19869,092
66Vaughan WandragWaterkloof Golf Club19749,134
67Pierre du BruynIrene Country Club19749,2010
68Barries BarnardSilver Lakes Country Club19819,652
69Petrus WassermanWingate Park Country Club198510,134
70Hendre RoodeSandonia Golf Club197710,322
71Leon BarnardThe Els Club, Copperleaf197110,352
72Frederik Steyn JnrIrene Country Club197510,356
73Louis Almero MeyerZwartkop Country Club196810,541
74Stefan NelCenturion Country Club198710,892
75Renier WissingWaterkloof Golf Club198111,092
76Leon ScheepersZwartkop Country Club196111,541
77Ewan SwanepoelIrene Country Club197911,672
78Phillip CroukampPretoria Golf Club196611,722
79J A ViviersZwartkop Country Club197511,822
80Gerhard OlivierSilver Lakes Country Club195912,327
81Francois JonkerPGC198112,771
82Stefan FourieZwartkop Country Club197112,793
83Michael de JonghSilver Lakes Country Club197012,819
84Charles TolmayZwartkop Country Club198013,092
85Andre SchmidtPebble Rock Country Club198413,102
86Wessel TheronCenturion Country Club195513,152
87A J OosthuizenZwartkop Country Club197313,352
88Frans BooysenZwartkop Country Club196314,111
90J.Z. MOOLMANSilver Lakes Country Club198314,523
91Stephen JoubertCenturion Country Club195814,541
92Louis GersbachIrene Country Club198114,652
93Gert Rudolph SwartBlue Valley Golf Estate198114,652
94Robin Van EyssenPebble Rock Country Club196614,671
95Pieter P Van RensburgAkasia Country Club196514,771
96Warren SchultzSilver Lakes Country Club198514,853
97Alwyn Johannes BurgerPebble Rock Country Club198015,671
98Victor WegerlePretoria Golf Club196315,771
99Paul SwartPebble Rock Country Club197616,671
100Jansen HarperIrene Country Club197717,551
101Gustav ErasmusBlue Valley Golf Estate197718,102
102Kavir GangiahZwartkop Country Club198619,642
103Sandile ShabalalaIrene Country Club196621,852
103Gideon ScheepersThe Els Club, Copperleaf196821,852
105AJ (Nols) SteynbergIrene Country Club195724,352
106Gareth AlboroughWoodhill Country Club198626,671
107Arnoldus Thys BezuidenhoutAkasia Country Club197532,392