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Minimum Age: 50 | Maximum Age: No restriction | Counting Rounds: Best 80% of diffs | Min. number of rounds: 20% of all rounds played | Gender: male
Latest tournament added: Mossel Bay Senior Open

PosNameClubYear of BirthStroke Diff.Rounds
1Greg HeuerPinnacle Point Golf Club1973-4,921
2Ivan WilliamsGeorge Golf Club1973-1,921
2Bertus SmitMossel Bay Golf Club1953-1,921
4William SkinnerZwartkop Country Club19600,081
5Douglas GriffinSimola Golf & Country Estate19631,081
6Sean BakerOubaai Golf Club19693,081
7Lionel DavidsGeorge Golf Club19634,081
7James FaberPlettenberg Bay Country Club19734,081
7Solly RautenbachGeorge Golf Club19574,081
7Colin ShortFancourt Country Club19544,081
7Peppy BlakeOubaai Golf Club19684,081
7Philip SmitMossel Bay Golf Club19514,081
7Pieter FerreiraGeorge Golf Club19684,081
14David De VilliersFancourt Country Club19705,081
14Herman LouwKingswood Golf Estate19655,081
14George BezuidenhoutOubaai Golf Club19605,081
14Leon van SchalkwykMossel Bay Golf Club19615,081
14Hennie HuyserKingswood Golf Estate19705,081
19Andrew ProcterSimola Golf & Country Estate19596,081
19Johnny MillarThe Links Fancourt19566,081
19Jan BarnardOubaai Golf Club19736,081
19Heine LateganGeorge Golf Club19716,081
23Peter SmithKingswood Golf Estate19687,081
23Peter HodsonGeorge Golf Club19527,081
23Johan SmutsGeorge Golf Club19537,081
23M H SteynGeorge Golf Club19717,081
27Lance Kingsley ChapmanOubaai Golf Club19718,081
27Justin ThomasKingswood Golf Estate19718,081
27Steven RaubenheimerGeorge Golf Club19618,081
30Deon De VilliersPinnacle Point Golf Club19699,081
30Ernest IvesOubaai Golf Club19679,081
30Alwo DercksenMossel Bay Golf Club19689,081
33Anton NelOubaai Golf Club195811,081
34Gustav GouwsOubaai Golf Club196312,081
35Francios BeetsOudtshoorn Golf Club197113,081
35Derek RossOubaai Golf Club196713,081
37James OhlsonPinnacle Point Golf Club196422,081