Senior OOM

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Minimum Age: No restriction | Maximum Age: No restriction | Counting Rounds: Best 80% of diffs | Min. number of rounds: 20% of all rounds played | Gender: male
Latest tournament added: Pinnacle Point Senior Open 2019

PosNameClubYear of BirthStroke Diff.Rounds
1Stanley de BeerThe Links Fancourt1965-0,697
2Bertus SmitPinnacle Point Golf Club19530,159
3Johan MaraisFancourt Country Club19622,058
4Fanus PauwGeorge Golf Club19632,206
5Johnny MillarThe Links Fancourt19562,427
6Michael GriffithsOubaai Golf Club19682,459
7Donny SmithMossel Bay Golf Club19612,4812
8Deon De VilliersPinnacle Point Golf Club19692,639
9Douglas Gary GriffinSimola Golf & Country Estate19632,975
10Solly RautenbachMossel Bay Golf Club19574,079
11Ivan PalframanKnysna Golf Club19515,4711
12Leon SchutzSimola Golf & Country Estate19625,614
13Andrew ProcterSimola Golf & Country Estate19595,707
14Lionel DavidsGeorge Golf Club19635,969
15Anton NelOubaai Golf Club19586,0711
16Clive KapteinMossel Bay Golf Club19646,818
17Peter HodsonGeorge Golf Club19527,346
18Deon KrugerKingswood Golf Estate19588,044
19Gavin ReynoldsRiversdale Golf Club19658,067
20Ernest Frederick IvesOubaai Golf Club19678,209
21Johan SmitGeorge Golf Club19588,234
22Teddy StoffelsLadismith Golf Club19578,539
23K LandmanGeorge Golf Club19608,7011
24Karools HauptfleischMossel Bay Golf Club19589,336
25Janus BylesGeorge Golf Club19589,388
26Ockie HorowitzOudtshoorn Golf Club19579,388
27Johan SmutsGeorge Golf Club195310,1015
28L G PetersenGeorge Golf Club195010,607
29Andre du PlessisMossel Bay Golf Club195510,898
30Stefanus MinnaarPinnacle Point Golf Club195911,446
31Bennie BongersKingswood Golf Estate195212,345
32Pieter ElsGeorge Golf Club195912,727
33James HillsGeorge Golf Club196712,727
34Francois ThiartGeorge Golf Club195313,276
35Rudi MullerPinnacle Point Golf Club196313,4611
36George VlokGeorge Golf Club196713,825
37Derek TuchtenGeorge Golf Club195714,078
38Piet SwanepoelKingswood Golf Estate196414,315
39ME OosthuizenOudtshoorn Golf Club196015,597
40William LevendalBoggomsbaai Golf Club195316,467
41John MasieMossel Bay Golf Club192016,667
42Joe StoffelsGeorge Golf Club195218,117
43Pieter StassenGeorge Golf Club195519,125
44Errol RudmanGeorge Golf Club196019,266
45Theo AdamsMossel Bay Golf Club196719,294
46Vanthel Douglas van AswegenMossel Bay Golf Club196819,334
47J J SieberhagenGeorge Golf Club195119,444
48Maurice van MerchGeorge Golf Club195519,535
49Ruben JamesBeaufort West Golf Club196119,575
50Francois de VilliersMossel Bay Golf Club196619,874
51Gary John HutchingsOudtshoorn Golf Club196019,886
52Percy McraeGeorge Golf Club195020,374
53Francois JordaanGeorge Golf Club195420,938
54Clive John TheysMossel Bay Golf Club195222,016
55W M LuttigGeorge Golf Club195423,825
56F J HeymannGeorge Golf Club195024,654
57Frik PotgieterGeorge Golf Club194724,924
58Talvin Gregory SchultzMossel Bay Golf Club195525,825
59Paul HoffmanGeorge Golf Club196027,874
60Johan KruyshaarLadismith Golf Club196028,825
61Ice EastonGeorge Golf Club195432,384