1 Super Seniors Performance Ranking

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Minimum Age: No restriction | Maximum Age: No restriction | Counting Rounds: Best 80% of diffs | Min. number of rounds: 20% of all rounds played | Gender: male
Latest tournament added: Southern Cape Senior Closed 2019

PosNameClubYear of BirthStroke Diff.Rounds
1Bertus SmitPinnacle Point Golf Club19531,6012
2Johnny MillarThe Links Fancourt19562,9415
3Solly RautenbachMossel Bay Golf Club19574,6017
4Ivan PalframanKnysna Golf Club19514,7216
5Anton NelOubaai Golf Club19585,7017
6Peter HodsonGeorge Golf Club19525,9312
7Andrew ProcterSimola Golf & Country Estate19596,2613
8Colin ShortFancourt Country Club19547,305
9Deon KrugerKingswood Golf Estate19588,508
10Neil AbrahamseGeorge Golf Club19539,207
11Joseph BooysenGeorge Golf Club19569,468
12Karools HauptfleischMossel Bay Golf Club19589,5013
13Johan SmutsGeorge Golf Club19539,5721
14Teddy StoffelsLadismith Golf Club19579,9816
15Janus BylesGeorge Golf Club195810,1913
16Ockie HorowitzOudtshoorn Golf Club195710,8514
17F M NortjeGeorge Golf Club195611,525
18Francois ThiartGeorge Golf Club195311,7911
19Bennie BongersKingswood Golf Estate195211,828
20Lloyd PetersenGeorge Golf Club195011,9111
21Bernard LiebenbergMossel Bay Golf Club200712,946
22Andre du PlessisMossel Bay Golf Club195514,2916
23Derek TuchtenGeorge Golf Club195715,1716
24William LevendalPinnacle Point Golf Club195316,0012
25John MasieMossel Bay Golf Club192016,5211
26Pieter StassenGeorge Golf Club195517,6611
27Percy McraeGeorge Golf Club195018,036
28Koos SieberhagenGeorge Golf Club195119,117
29Joe StoffelsGeorge Golf Club195219,2614
30Stephen PowellMossel Bay Golf Club195819,386
31Maurice van MerchGeorge Golf Club195520,6010
32Robert BerryGeorge Golf Club195421,657
33Clive TheysMossel Bay Golf Club195221,897
34Derek BotesGeorge Golf Club196422,0811
35Francois JordaanGeorge Golf Club195422,6716
36Kobus HeymannGeorge Golf Club195024,0512
37Hendrik PienaarKingswood Golf Estate195824,456
38Willem LuttigGeorge Golf Club195425,237
39Talvin SchultzMossel Bay Golf Club195529,2610
40Ice EastonGeorge Golf Club195435,436