2 Super Seniors Gross over Par

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Counting Rounds: the best 5 | Gender: male | Min Age: 60 | Max Age: Any Age | Min YOB: Any Age | Max YOB: Any Age | Min Events: No Restriction | Min Events Cutoff: Hide
Latest tournament added: Oudtshoorn Senior Open 2021

PosNameClubUnionYear of Birth+/- ParRounds
1Bertus SmitPinnacle Point Golf ClubSC1953+0,52
2George BezuidenhoutPaarl Golf ClubBL1960+3,01
3Anton NelOubaai Golf ClubSC1958+4,01
4Andrew ProcterSimola Golf & Country EstateSC1959+4,52
5Neil AbrahamseGeorge Golf ClubSC1953+5,01
6Johnny MillarThe Links FancourtSC1956+6,01
7Solly RautenbachMossel Bay Golf ClubSC1957+7,01
7Peter HodsonGeorge Golf ClubSC1952+7,02
9Ivan PalframanKnysna Golf ClubSC1951+8,02
10Deon KrugerKingswood Golf EstateSC1958+9,52
10Hendre van der WaltKingswood Golf EstateSC1951+9,52
10Colin ShortFancourt Country ClubSC1954+9,52
13Koos van NiekerkMossel Bay Golf ClubSC1955+11,02
14Ockie HorowitzOudtshoorn Golf ClubSC1957+12,02
14Cecil BadenhorstLadismith Golf ClubSC1957+12,01
16Janus BylesGeorge Golf ClubSC1958+12,52
17Bennie BongersKingswood Golf EstateSC1952+13,02
18Piet PotgieterGeorge Golf ClubSC1960+14,01
18Michael KrielMossel Bay Golf ClubSC1959+14,02
20Johannes GerberKingswood Golf EstateSC1960+14,52
20Johan SmutsGeorge Golf ClubSC1953+14,52
22ME OosthuizenOudtshoorn Golf ClubSC1960+15,02
22Patrick WagenaarOudtshoorn Golf ClubSC1960+15,01
22Ruben JamesBeaufort West Golf ClubNC1961+15,02
22Marius KrugerFancourt Country ClubSC1954+15,01
22Louis SNR FourieKingswood Golf EstateSC1958+15,02
22Joseph BooysenGeorge Golf ClubSC1956+15,02
22J SquireGeorge Golf ClubSC1959+15,01
29Francois ThiartGeorge Golf ClubSC1953+15,52
30Jimmy FransLadismith Golf ClubSC1959+16,01
31W.A.(billy) PaulsonWalmer Golf ClubEP1957+17,01
31F M NortjeGeorge Golf ClubSC1956+17,01
33Kobus LandmanGeorge Golf ClubSC1960+17,52
34Stefanus MinnaarPinnacle Point Golf ClubSC1959+18,01
34Johan SmitGeorge Golf ClubSC1958+18,01
34John MasieMossel Bay Golf ClubSC1920+18,01
34Andre du PlessisMossel Bay Golf ClubSC1955+18,01
38Leon SmithPinnacle Point Golf ClubSC1960+19,01
39Koos SieberhagenGeorge Golf ClubSC1951+19,52
39Talvin SchultzMossel Bay Golf ClubSC1955+19,52
41Johan GrieselMossel Bay Golf ClubSC1945+20,01
41William LevendalPinnacle Point Golf ClubSC1953+20,01
43Derek TuchtenGeorge Golf ClubSC1957+21,02
44Francois JordaanGeorge Golf ClubSC1954+22,01
44Isaac RaubenheimerGeorge Golf ClubSC1960+22,01
46Maurice van MerchGeorge Golf ClubSC1955+22,52
47Pieter StassenGeorge Golf ClubSC1955+23,01
47Joe StoffelsGeorge Golf ClubSC1952+23,02
49Willem LuttigGeorge Golf ClubSC1954+24,01
49Gary OelofseGeorge Golf ClubSC1961+24,01
49A VermeulenKingswood Golf EstateSC1960+24,01
52Kobus HeymannGeorge Golf ClubSC1950+24,52
53Pietman Van HeerdenKingswood Golf EstateSC1952+25,01
53S BooysenGeorge Golf ClubSC1958+25,01
55Allen GrootboomKingswood Golf EstateSC1954+26,02
56Chris LodewyksRichmond Golf ClubNC1944+28,01
57Alain-rene CourKnysna Golf ClubSC1947+29,01
58Andre TobisaLadismith Golf ClubSC1956+30,02
59Deon JonckGeorge Golf ClubSC1959+31,01
60Ice EastonGeorge Golf ClubSC1954+34,01