2 2021/22 Country Districts Performance Ranking

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Minimum Age: 16 | Maximum Age: 90 | Counting Rounds: Best 80% of diffs | Min. number of rounds: 20% of all rounds played | Gender: male
Latest tournament added: Plettenberg Bay Open 2022

PosNameClubYear of BirthStroke Diff.Rounds
1Aldrich PotgieterPinnacle Point Golf Club2004-5,485
2NJ BothaOubaai Golf Club2000-2,535
3Damian OsnerSimola Golf & Country Estate2002-1,765
4Christiian Du PlessisGeorge Golf Club2000-1,668
5Ian BarnardGeorge Golf Club2004-1,5419
6Liam RossOubaai Golf Club2001-1,306
7Heinrich FrylinckKingswood Golf Estate1984-0,6113
8Arno MullerPinnacle Point Golf Club1996-0,348
9Jason TarbotonGeorge Golf Club1992-0,2913
10Morris SchiefnerFancourt Country Club2005-0,125
11Tiago SwartKingswood Golf Estate2000-0,016
12Joshua Marais (jnr Member)George Golf Club20040,0012
13Jaydon LiddelKingswood Golf Estate20030,0712
14Vukasin SuturovicKingswood Golf Estate20050,2011
15Malcolm MckellyGeorge Golf Club19860,2416
16Ian PautzMossel Bay Golf Club20010,7614
17Hans-Jurie HumanAlbertinia Golf Club19960,8410
18Keegan ShuttKingswood Golf Estate20060,9015
19Nicholas MitchellGeorge Golf Club19821,077
20Juan BarnardGeorge Golf Club20051,1314
21Desmond van der WaltPinnacle Point Golf Club20031,2914
22Leonard PeclatSwitzerland20041,4913
23Ben VermeulenKingswood Golf Estate19761,5611
24Andries VermeulenKingswood Golf Estate20051,6916
25Matthew BramfordKingswood Golf Estate20041,7913
26Garnet DamansRiversdale Golf Club19861,898
27Connor MyburghKingswood Golf Estate19992,047
28M De LangeGeorge Golf Club19772,388
29Hendrik KriekMossel Bay Golf Club19912,439
30Simon HuntPezula Championship Course19702,559
31Dandre De VilliersKingswood Golf Estate20052,6013
32Kyle ConradieOubaai Golf Club20032,7610
33Misha LootsStill Bay Golf Club20042,8010
34Shijie LiKingswood Golf Estate20062,838
35Kass MullerMossel Bay Golf Club20052,9814
36Jan HumanAlbertinia Golf Club20033,2914
37Chad WalkerPezula Championship Course19953,306
38Gean LateganPinnacle Point Golf Club20043,4810
39Graham DaubernOubaai Golf Club19753,5618
40Grant NovemberGeorge Golf Club19794,1617
41Stiaan StanderMossel Bay Golf Club20044,196
42Sp VermaakRiversdale Golf Club19904,215
43William MalgasOudtshoorn Golf Club19754,2913
44Justin ThomasKingswood Golf Estate19714,465
45Liam QuinnSimola Golf & Country Estate20044,5310
46Diaan LombardMossel Bay Golf Club19994,746
47Michael NortjeGeorge Golf Club20044,7716
48Eduan MareeKingswood Golf Estate19995,038
49Johan StraussMossel Bay Golf Club19795,0411
50Sergio ArriesOudtshoorn Golf Club20055,318
51Johannes OosthuizenOudtshoorn Golf Club20035,456
52Joshua OsnerSimola Golf & Country Estate20045,4511
54Markwine HectorGeorge Golf Club20066,3915
55Gavin MelvilleOubaai Golf Club19676,425
56Terence WewersFancourt Country Club19766,465
57Greg HeuerPinnacle Point Golf Club19736,555
58Zack BlaauwGeorge Golf Club20056,6313
59Hugo Pienaar (jnr)Kingswood Golf Estate20027,126
60Henry Mudge IvMossel Bay Golf Club20027,4211
61Eduard CoetzeeOubaai Golf Club20067,5013
63Pietie PhilanderGeorge Golf Club20037,8613
64Ruan GroenewaldOubaai Golf Club20058,087
65Max HansenFancourt Country Club20018,206
66Khanya NhlengethwaKingswood Golf Estate20028,7811
67Hugan WebsterOubaai Golf Club20068,908
69Leandre KoenGeorge Golf Club20059,437
71Lourens LotteringKingswood Golf Estate199710,6711
72Maheshan NaidooKingswood Golf Estate199811,209
73Jaco-Chris MienieKingswood Golf Estate200511,386
74John Charles StuartGeorge Golf Club200412,1014
75Josua VisserKingswood Golf Estate200212,847
76Adam BarnardOudtshoorn Golf Club199313,855
77Joseph BooysenGeorge Golf Club195614,958
78Nico van der WaltStill Bay Golf Club198516,766
79Nathan JacobsOubaai Golf Club200617,265
80Berman RichterKingswood Golf Estate200318,379
81Matheus Samuel BuysMossel Bay Golf Club200319,766
82Dalwyn StellenbergMossel Bay Golf Club200520,765
83Jan KoudstaalMossel Bay Golf Club200521,435
84Arthur ManuelOudtshoorn Golf Club196921,746