U13 (2) Gross over par

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Counting Rounds: the best 10 | Gender: male | Min Age: Any Age | Max Age: 13 | Min YOB: Any Age | Max YOB: Any Age | Min Events: 5 | Min Events Cutoff: Hide
Latest tournament added: Goose Valley Junior Open 2021

PosNameClubUnionYear of Birth+/- ParRounds
1Dewan De BruinFancourt Country ClubSC2008+3,76
2Jordan GroenewaldKingswood Golf EstateSC2010+5,210
3Ross ElsOubaai Golf ClubSC2009+8,010
4Samuel GouwsMossel Bay Golf ClubSC2008+8,710
4Wynand RoeloffzeGeorge Golf ClubSC2011+8,710
4Gerard BekkerGeorge Golf ClubSC2008+8,710
7Waldo NienaberMossel Bay Golf ClubSC2008+9,310
8MJ NortjeKingswood Golf EstateSC2009+9,510
9Aerron GelderblomOubaai Golf ClubSC2008+9,710
10Hawken LederleKnysna Golf ClubSC2009+11,410
11Gabriel MalgasGeorge Golf ClubSC2009+12,710
12Nico PretoriusKingswood Golf EstateSC2010+14,510
13Elvern AppollisRiversdale Golf ClubSC2008+14,710
14Dandre KarstensGeorge Golf ClubSC2010+15,39
15F C (Jnr) ElsKingswood Golf EstateSC2011+15,710
16Aaron MilneKingswood Golf EstateSC2009+16,17
17Luca ViljoenKingswood Golf EstateSC2011+17,110
18Christopher GelderblomOubaai Golf ClubSC2009+18,610
19Peter SticklingFancourt Country ClubSC2009+20,37
20Muller Geldenhuys (JNR)Riversdale Golf ClubSC2009+21,86
21Lafras HechterGeorge Golf ClubSC2009+22,26
22Luhan VorsterThe Links FancourtSC2008+24,05
23Hendrik JoubertKingswood Golf EstateSC2010+24,710
24Dylan JordaanGeorge Golf ClubSC2008+25,08
25Dane van SchoorPlettenberg Bay Country ClubSC2009+25,56
26Theo LukasGeorge Golf ClubSC2008+25,710
27Daniel PattonKnysna Golf ClubSC2009+27,05
28Keagan EveleighKingswood Golf EstateSC2010+27,88
29Zander Albie ViljoenKingswood Golf EstateSC2009+28,610
30Paul RuthvenFancourt Country ClubSC2009+29,48
30Luwaydon Shenito GoliathRiversdale Golf ClubSC2009+29,410
32Gerdus PretoriusKingswood Golf EstateSC2010+29,710
33Michael-jay RoetsKnysna Golf ClubSC2010+37,77